Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dinner and Ducks

We had Scott and his kids over for Sunday dinner and then we headed down to first dam to feed the ducks!


The last day on the slopes, we decided to have a bbq. What a great season!

Great Salt Lake

On the way to Maddy's game in Tooele, I pulled over so the boys could see the Great Salt Lake. They thought it was kind of ugly!

Sure love these boys!

St. Patricks Day

 We had our annual St. Patrick's day dinner with our friends, the Tietjens!  It was full of lots of green, good food, and fun!

Disney on Ice

I won some tickets to Disney on Ice, and decided to take the boys! They had a great time!


Visiting Chad's work! The kids had a fun time sitting in the helicopters!

Jackson and Tyler are Baptized

What a beautiful day! Jack and Ty's baptism was such an amazing experience. They were baptized and confirmed by Eric, and were surrounded by family and friends!

Friends that came to support both  the boys and me!

Both sides of the family that came!

What a blessed day!